Do you have a desire to design your own slalom course? Each event gives the opportunity for a different course designer to step in and build their own unique autocross course. There are standards and rules of course, but there are many unique and challenging course elements that can be implemented on any design. You can find helpful hints and tips here.

Course designers usually map out a rough design ahead of the event. Many will post their design on the WOSCA Facebook page for feedback, and to satisfy some eager-beavers who like to learn the course ahead of race day.

The course designer has some extra duties the day of the race as well.
1. Show up at 7:00am for course setup
2. Host the drivers meeting at the beginning of the event
3. Be available throughout the event for executive decisions regarding the course
4. Host the drivers meeting at the end of the event and announce results
5. Help with cleanup efforts

Sounds like something you want to do? Come to one of our monthly meetings to pick an event, come talk to us at an event, use the contact us form on the website, or make a post on our Facebook page.