WOSCA holds a few off-season events for those itching to get back on the track.

WOSCA Sim-Racing Series

WOSCA hosts an unofficial Sim-Racing Series during the off-season. Events are held on Assetto Corsa, and organized by Jing Tam and Eric Patterson, with input from the Facebook page community. Click here to get access to the event!

What you will need:
1. Assetto Corsa, and an appropriate PC that can run the game.
2. Content manager for DLC.
2. A steering wheel and pedal set (while not actually required, it is HIGHLY recommended).
3. Discord profile for communications during the races.

There are prizes for the winners of the points series!
1st: Free entry to any WOSCA event
2nd: 50% off any WOSCA event
3rd: A WOSCA swag item of your choosing


Most years during the off-season there is a small Go-Karting event held at the Hamilton Indoor Go-Karting facility. 2020/2021 Go-Karting events have been cancelled though due to Covid-19. Entry is capped at 10 participants per event. Check out the playlist for previous years events.