2023 Regional Double Header

The 2023 CASC Regional Autoslalom Championship is hosted by WOSCA on Saturday July 15 and Sunday July 16, 2023

Here are the details

The Regional Championship
CASC hosts an Ontario regional series every year, where the top autocross competitors compete. This year features two events over a double header weekend. WOSCA’s local playground is the host venue for both events. The venue is Centralia Airport, 403 Canada Avenue, Huron Park, ON. 
This also doubles as event #4 and #5 in the WOSCA Summer Slalom Series.

Directions To Centralia Airport

Registration is OPEN NOW! Click here to sign up.

Pre-registration and pre-payment is MANDATORY through motorsportreg.com. Registration closes at 08:00 p.m. on Friday July 14 (for Saturday & Both Day entries) and 08:00 p.m. on Saturday July 15 (for Sunday only entries).

A Waiver must also be signed through Speedwaiver. Crew, volunteers and spectators must sign online as well but do not need an MS Reg account.

Car numbers will be on a first come, first served basis. REGISTER ASAP TO USE YOUR PREFERRED NUMBER. No CASC license is required. 

Race day check-in will be in the paddock.

Event pricing
$80 per individual event
$140 for both events

Car Classing
We use SCCA classing. The Canadian Autoslalom rulebook can be found Here.
If you need help with classing or registration, please email the registrar.

Event Scoring
Both days are scored cumulatively for the championship. Competitors who can only make one day are welcome although you will not be scored in the championship.

Trophies will be awarded on Sunday afternoon for individual classes.

Map Legend
Green – course area (may not be all used)
Yellow – grid
Red – paddock
Black – camping

Event Schedule
7:00: Registration Opens
8:30: Registration Closes/Driver’s Meeting
9:00: Competitors Line Up
9:30: First Car on Course

The main runway and taxiway will be used for the course on Saturday, reversed with modifications on Sunday.

There will be NO official course walk after the drivers meeting. Get there early enough to do the walk. Wheeled transport is not allowed on the course (scooters/bikes/etc). You can use wheeled transport beside the course, just not between the cones.

What To Bring Day Of
Take a look at our FAQ Section for more information.

Overnight Camping
Camping on-site is available for the events. Parking begins Friday evening and ends Sunday after the event (around 5pm). The course will be set up Friday night but competitor check-in will not be open on Friday night, only camping check in will be open Friday night. $5 per overnight.

Competitors camping overnight on Friday, or getting camping trailers dropped off, please check in at the front office.

The Airfield is a functioning airport and is NOT closed Friday evening. As a result, it is imperative that you DO NOT drive on the air strips at this time.

The event is restricted to very specific areas of the airport. If you are caught outside of the permitted area, you will be asked to leave by WOSCA or Centralia.

6 Porta-Potties will be onsite for the event and camping areas.

Food For The Weekend
A different food truck will be on site for each day for lunch and dinner.

Kosheri Express on Saturday (Egyptian cuisine)

My Big Fat Food Truck on Sunday (American/Canadian cuisine)

The events will NOT stop for lunch to ensure our daily target of 6 official runs per day, but each run group will have two rest breaks throughout the day.

Photographs throughout the event are allowed, though, no pictures of the airplanes on the property. No drones will be allowed as it is an active airport.