About The Club

The Western Ontario Sports Car Association (or WOSCA, for short) is a car club based out of Southwestern Ontario. The club hosts a multitude of different driving events, but is mostly known for the “Summer Slalom Series” autocross events.

Founded in 1953, it is one of the oldest car clubs in the area. What began as a Navigational Rally Club, WOSCA has hosted a multitude of different driving style events.

Solo I, or “time attack” style events have been hosted in the past on dedicated race tracks around Ontario. Other events the club has hosted in the past include lapping days, navigational rallies, and winter slalom events.

Solo II was and continues to be a popular form of competition for the club. Also known as “autocross” and “slalom racing,” Solo II consists of a course marked out with pylons on a large paved surface. Venues range from small parking lots, large parking lots, even airports, which is the club’s current venue. Every event is a unique course and drivers have 6-8 runs an event to put down their best times. Cars are placed in a wide variety of classes, compete against one another in their class, and against other classes with a specific “PAX” factor added to their time. Professional Autocross Factor, or “PAX” for short, is a way that everyone from stock daily drivers to fully purpose built track cars can compete in a relatively even playing field. For more information on Solo II events, see the First Timers section on this website.

All events are organized under the supervision of experienced WOSCA members and are run under the general competition rules of the Canadian Autosport Clubs (CASC), the Canadian motorsport governing body. The club has an insurance policy that covers every event.

Awards are given every year at the end of the season, usually at the WOSCA Christmas Party. Awards are given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of the Summer Slalom Series, Rookie Of The Year, Lorna Wilson Women’s Champion, President’s Choice, and the coveted “Golden Toilet” Award.